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LAVENDER HONEY SALT makes greeting cards for connecting to others, enabling you to reach out. Express your individuality, your thoughts and your feelings, be it a short ‘Hello, I love you’ or a grand missive, or anything and everything in between.


All our cards are blank inside for you to communicate however and in whatever way you want.

Plant and nature conservation are important to us, and that’s why we support Plantlife through the sale of each card.  Our imagery celebrates flora and nature in all its glory and much more. 


From as early as I can remember, I have been captivated by images, and have collected them in the form of postcards and greeting cards, newspaper and magazine cuttings. I have used them, framed or unframed, to embellish walls, doors and fridge doors (much to the upset of some).


I learned from Mum the potential impact of sending and receiving cards. I love to collect cards for that ‘just in case’ moment, be it a birthday, a get well, or a simple ‘hello, I’m thinking of you’. 


In 2017, whilst recovering from a bad case of shingles and reflecting on my passion for the natural world, I decided to pursue my dream of creating a greeting cards company based on photographic images.

Richard Court portrait sending letter card london postbox
Photo to go with Performing Artist_edited.jpg


Richard, our founder and whose photography is on all our cards, had an early training in dance, theatre and music. He initially graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School, London, UK. 


Since that time he has worked as a multi-disciplined performing artist touring, nationally and internationally, in varied works; from contemporary dance to live art, theatre and music theatre.

Photo: Chris Dudgeon


We also design gardens. Putting plants and nature first in our collaboration with client’s desires creates beautiful sustainable and biodiverse environments for people and planet.

Garden Design London UK Trees patio terrace furniture plants
Richard court photography for sale prints commissions


Prints and commissions of Richard's work are available on request.

See more and DM @lavenderhoneysalt

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